Memories of Michael Jackson


Last week, on the 25th June to be precise, was the fifth anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson. In my opinion, a great loss to the music industry and to his millions of fans.  He was not perfect; we all know about his disastrous court cases and out of control drug habit but I believe that was a by product of the life that he was forced to live from a very early age. He has been in the limelight, so working, since he was nine years old. He never had a proper childhood due to the demands of his singing career with his older siblings and managed by his father, by all accounts an unyielding disciplinarian and a bit of a tyrant.

But despite all these obstacles, he made some beautiful music, by himself and with his brothers, and I grew up with his music from his first…

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2 Responses to Memories of Michael Jackson

  1. jennypellett says:

    Nice tribute Kay. It’s interesting how the music we enjoy as we grow up shapes what we listen to and enjoy later on. My music tastes are way different to yours but I totally understand where you are coming from in your appreciation of Michael Jackson. I felt the same when John Lennon was shot and still wonder what life and the music industry would be like had he survived.

  2. kaypickard says:

    Thank you Jenny. Yes imagine (excuse the pun) what it would be if John Lennon was still around; I am sure he would still be making music for us to enjoy.

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