Mexican Vacation part two

Once accustomed to the tropical climate of the Mexico, I discovered quite shortly after arrival, the complimentary wildlife that went with it.
Sure I had seen the “beware of the crocodile” signs that were displayed on the periphery of the hotel on the way to the Golf course but I thought it was a joke. I didn’t realise that there actually were crocodiles that dwelt in the bordering swamp next to the complex! Unfortunately I missed the spectacle of one casually meandering across the concrete path that the golf buggies used daily but Mikey, the groom, took this photo for me instead. IMG_0415
I had already encountered the Iguanas that came out from their holes in the hottest time of day to sunbathe, they were quite cute and varied in size. We caught this beastie on the way back from the mini golf area and he is shedding his skin, again very relaxed and not phased at all at human presence. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Chris and Jennies room was the furthest to the edge of the complex on the other side of the resort from the crocodiles and they reported sightings of first deer and then monkeys! I was getting jealous by this time because so far, I had only spotted iguanas by the dozen.
Tim was the same as me, as our rooms were in the same block but he did point out a bat to me one evening. The best sighting we had of the local wildlife was when we arrived back from Coco Bongos in Cancun at 3.30 in the morning, after escorting our very drunken brother Chris back to his room from our eventful night out! We saw this naughty White nosed Coati (yes, I know) rooting through a bin on the wall, quite oblivious to us making noise and photographing. Here is is with Tim, who decided to grab my camera and take this close up of him, as I was reluctant to disturb him, caught in the act with the remnants of his feast stuck on the end of his nose! IMG_0416IMG_0407
We found out later in the holiday when we passed a large group of Coati’s on the way to the Golf resort for a meal one evening.
Our resort also housed some Dolphins at the end of the jetty in a large enclosure that you could swim with; this is a very popular experience for many people but I, myself felt a bit uneasy at the creatures captivity. I am sure they were well looked after and they were in the sea but obviously they were lacking their freedom and as intelligent creatures, this must cause them some psychological distress, so I gave it a miss.
On a trip to Cancun one day though, to meet the couples best man and bridesmaid who were staying at a different hotel, we did go to the local aquarium. To swim with Dolphins was on Marti and Danielle’s bucket list, so once we had negotiated a deal on the price with the vendor, we went to watch them realise their dream.
Despite my misgivings, the place was well equipped for the Dolphins and the keepers were attentive to their needs and they seemed to have enough space. There were quite a few of the creatures there and they were happy to perform to the audience before the humans entered the pool for their experience.
Each person was issued with a life jacket, even though the water was quite shallow at one end so that the Dolphins could swim between them and be petted. Some of the participants were encouraged to kiss the Dolphins on the nose for a photo opportunity, Marti was not too keen and his face was a picture (although I didn’t capture it on camera) and he told us after that he didn’t fancy a fishy kiss at all and would have rather given it a miss! Here they are in the pool ticking one of their wishes off the bucket list. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Before we went to the Aquarium, we went for a trip to the famous (in America I think) or infamous, Hooters. Infamous maybe because there was some controversy over the pond, about the attire that the waitresses wore. Some said it was degrading for the scantily clad girls to be serving food dressed showing so much of themselves. So I took a photo of one of the lovely waitresses because I can’t see what all the fuss is about, she happily obliged, as you can see. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
They also do nice food by the way, oh and cocktails and I was absolutely stuffed when we left, thanks to the American sized portions. This picture was taken before the feast. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The most well known spectacle in Cancun, apart from the Hard Rock Cafe and Señor Frogs is Coco Bongos. Now everyone I know that has been to Cancun on holiday before me had told me not to miss this experience. I was dubious because at 54 years old and a grandmother to boot, I felt I was far too old to venture into such a place, especially accompanied by others almost 30 years younger than me. I threw caution to the wind, I can’t help being young at heart and as I had heard that people my age do go there as well, I thought I would give it a go!
We bought our tickets through the hotel. The price of 70$ got us entry and drinks all night long (dangerous!) but excluded the taxi trip of course, which we got ripped off on, as it was a 30 minute journey, not cheap.
When we arrived, the whole area was lit up like Time Square and buzzing with revellers looking for a good night out. We joined the long queue after meeting up with Marti and Danielle again and watched the throng of people pass by until it was time to enter. There was so much going on and things to look at, like this giant replica of Spider Man – why? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Anyway, once in we were issued with a bright red shot of something which we all necked without question and a short distance ahead were handed another drink, this time a Vodka I think and that was before we got into the club! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Once at the bar we ordered up and the bar staff were very organised because the first one took the order, there was two others making up the drinks and another one dispensing the them to the customer. I supposed they had to be organised with the amount of people that were about to descend, we were early but as the night went on, I couldn’t believe how they crammed so may people in. The drinks began to flow and the show started. There was a large screen at the back of the venue and in front of that a small stage, raised up high in front of the screen. Then boom! We were transported back to the sixties with a compilation of Beatles songs accompanied by a vivid cartoon show of Sergeant Pepper and his friends.
Next was a show on the stage with a Madonna tribute act, complete with dancers and wild costumes; no expense spared, nothing too outrageous.
The night carried on like this; first a live act, then one on the large screen and as the drinks flowed, so did inhibitions and gay abandon (excuse the bad cliche). It certainly was a wild night but well worth the experience, even though my feet absolutely killed me after dancing all night and not sitting down for hours. Here are some moments well into the proceedings, as you can tell from the antics in the photos!

I was so glad in that I had a pampering Spa treatment in the morning to restore my aching feet with a soothing massage – well timed indeed.
In two days, it was going to be the wedding of Sarah and Mikey which I will share in the next instalment …..




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4 Responses to Mexican Vacation part two

  1. jennypellett says:

    Part Two? Did I miss part one? Sorry about that. Certainly looks like you had a whale of a time in Mexico, Kay! All that partying – I don’t know how you do it – I would have enjoyed the spa treatment though.
    How amazing to see all those iguanas – not sure I’d want to come face to face with a croc, mind you!

    • kaypickard says:

      Thanks Jenny, yes I did part one two weeks ago. Finding it hard to fit it all in at the moment, this one was a bit of a rush job and I missed some bits. There was Shark diving after the Dolphins but I did definately not partake in that, just took the photo’s. The Spa was absolutely wonderful. I had a full body massage, a body scrub and a facial.

  2. Jacqueline Routledge says:

    Really enjoyed the wild life – in every sense! Sounds great.

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