A Michael Buble Christmas


It’s that time of year again. To get the Michael Buble Christmas CD out and immerse myself in his heavenly crooning of festive songs new and old. It’s a well known fact to his fans, that Christmas is his favourite time of year (not unique, I know) but I am beginning to associate the two together and look forward to dusting off the CD and playing it to death until January!
My love of the man and his music has crept up on me gradually. It started off with the voice. I do have a “thing” about men’s singing voices; I like to be mesmerised, taken to another place and few male singers do that for me. Luther Vandross, who I saw in concert 4 times,  was the last singer who could transport me; he had a voice like velvet but sadly he passed away, some eight years ago. So I was subconsciously searching for a replacement ( who was still living!) and then came along Mr Buble.
It must have been a few years ago now because I have four out of the six albums he has released but have just had an awakening since I saw him live for the second time, this week at the O2. I’m still reeling from the experience five days ago and think I am in love! (Yes, I know I am sad). What a show and what a great showman he is, backed up by his brilliant band and musicians, including Naturally 7.
I know I am biased but I was thoroughly entertained and mesmerised for two hours while Michael sang to us and interacted with the audience with his witty banter and heartfelt gratitude for us all paying our hard earned money (he actually said that) to be there. He was a bit risqué a couple of times and said the “S” word and then found out there were some children in the audience, so had to curb his language!
We certainly got our money’s-worth with epic renditions of “Fever,” “Everything,” “Feeling Good,” “Home” and several Christmas songs as well. The production was very professional this year, I felt; even better than last year, with no expense spared (according to Mr B). The opening song “Fever” had a pyrotechnic display before MB appeared, giving a dramatic impact. He has an amazing swing band that follows him everywhere and they are as much a part of the performance as Michael himself.

It’s funny, but I have never been that interested in swing music before but I think Michael Buble has brought it back into fashion. Not that all of his songs are from that genre; he does contemporary songs too, but he makes it “OK” to like olds songs from previous crooners like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.
We were sat right at the back of the auditorium; so high, it nearly brought on my friend Kim’s vertigo but luckily there were three large screens and a catwalk- like stage towards the back that MB walked through the crowds (surrounded by bodyguards) to get to.

Once atop the stage, we got a better view of him and he joked about us hating the front row because they got a better view of him. (In actual fact, he said “I bet you said screw you at the front!”) so we were treated to over twenty minutes of his presence up “our end”, which I videoed on my phone and it came out very well. I now have my own personal performance that I can watch when I want to – and I do, every day!

Right at the end of the show, and I was hoping he would, after the last show I went to, he sang “A Song For You”. The lights went down, the band disappeared and it was just him and us. I don’t think he even had a mike at that stage because he wanted to make it as though he was singing to each and every one of us individually. That was really special and that was when I fell in love.

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2 Responses to A Michael Buble Christmas

  1. Jacqueline Routledge says:

    I think music is really important. It reminds us of events and people. I am glad you got great pleasure from this.
    I once did a school assembly based on two or three pieces of music that anchored me to my past. especially relevant around Christmas.

  2. jennypellett says:

    Sounds like you had a whale of a time, Kay. It’s always great to see your heroes in the flesh, so to speak. I’ve never been to the 02 for a concert – I think it would have to be someone pretty amazing on stage to get me all the way there these days – I’m getting lazy in my old age!

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